Buy, Sell or Hold: Seeing Stars

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So you got lucky enough to snag a Seeing Stars pack over the weekend, now you are sitting here and wondering..

”Ok, should I sell this Seeing Stars moment and make 10x+ profit from what I spent on the pack or should I hold onto the moment because it may increase in value? But also what if it decreases in value?”

Let me be the first to tell you, you aren’t the only one asking this question, I have seen so many people asking what should I do with the moments in this pack when I get them. I am going to provide some data to you as well as my educated opinion with some supporting facts to hopefully give you the tools to make the best decision and maximize your profit on these moments.

First, we need to look back to be able to look forward. My first thoughts when I saw these Seeing Stars packs was, “Hmm… this is very similar to the Cool Cats packs that were released the last couple months.”

  1. The Cool Cats packs were $14/pack, same as the Seeing Stars packs

  2. The Cool Cats moments were Limited Edition(LE) with a run of 10,000. Same as the Seeing Stars moments.

  3. The Cool Cats series has had 2 challenges incorporated into in, the Seeing Stars series has also announced they will be doing 2 challenges as well.

For those that may not have seen the 2 challenges releasing with the Seeing Stars packs, there is currently a Kevin Durant challenge that is live, and there is a LeBron James challenge coming soon.

So now that we have drawn these similarities we can look back at the Cool Cats data to forecast what may happen with the Seeing Stars moments.

Let’s take a look at the Cool Cats challenge moment pricing to see if we can identify what may happen with the price of the Seeing Stars moments.

Since we are in the first couple of days of the Seeing Stars moments being available we can look at the first couple of days of the Cool Cats data, as you can see from the chart above, the first few days after the packs were released were the lowest point you could pick up these moments for the challenge. If you wanted to pick up all 10 cards within the first 3 days, you could do so for less than $2,000. As the days went on the prices increased all the way up to $5,000! That means on average each moment increased roughly 150%, then the cards stabilized around $3,500, still warranting an almost 100% increase from the first few days.

“So what should I do? Sell my Seeing Stars moments or Hold?”

My recommendation is HOLD your Seeing Stars moments for at least a few days as I anticipate the moments will increase in value as more people learn about and invest in the upcoming Seeing Stars challenges.

If you were not lucky enough to get a pack and want to complete a challenge and are wondering…”Should I buy these at this current price?”

My recommendation is BUY within the next 2-3 days as I believe these will be the lowest or near the lowest you will see the Seeing Stars moments until after both the Durant and LeBron challenge is completed.

Hopefully you found some great insight in this article and have built a good plan going forward to maximize your profits on this pack. We will continue to provide detailed information regarding NBA Top Shot so please subscribe and like and share our posts to help support the content we provide!

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