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I see a lot of people in the Top Shot community regularly asking what are some moments that they should buy and at what price they should buy them at. I have a handful of moments I believe will increase in value over time and decided to breakdown each one and why I believe it will be sought after and you can profit from buying it. I also provide price ranges in which I think it is a good buy and you can maximize profits on the moment.

Before I get into my list of recommended Top Shot Moments, I’d like to share my thoughts on Series 1 vs. Series 2 moments and what the long term value of both can be. You really have to ask yourself how “long term” am I going to be into Top Shot? Because if your answer is 6-12 months I believe you should then be targeting mostly Series 1 moments if you are looking for good returns on investment within that 6-12 month time frame. If you are more on the 2 year or more long term time frame then I think you can find a lot of low priced Series 2 moments that will provide a high return on investment over that time. Here is my logic on why I think that is the case.

The reason I say to target Series 1 cards within the first 6-12 months is because as you can see currently, we have Series 1 that are generally Limited Edition and below 5,000 serials. We have Series 2 Limited Edition below 15,000 serials and Series 2 Circulating Count which is 35,000+ serials. As we get more and more back releases and more Series releases the serial numbers will increase to 50,000, 100,000 and beyond. This will make the Series 1 moments that are less than 5,000 serials even more rare and sought after as time passes thus, increasing their value.

Those that want to hold some of their moments for 2 or more years I think will still find great value in Series 1 moments however I think you may see an even higher return on Series 2 Limited Edition moments, the reason I say this is because the prices of Series 2 moments in relation to Series 1, you can get a lot of quality Series 2 LE moments for less than $100, that is not the case with Series 1. Think about some newcomers coming into the market 2+ years from now and picking up moments and packs and their moments are 250,000+ serial numbers, that 15,000 LE Series 2 is going to look real nice and be real rare at that point. Of course you still need to find unique moments or star/rising star players to see real value in your buys but in the long run both Series 1 and Series 2 Limited Edition moments I believe will be highly sought after and increase significantly in value.

With all that being said, lets get into some of the moments I recommend for long term holds, what price range you should look to buy them in and why I believe they will increase in value.

My Top 5 Recommended Moments:

  1. LeBron James - 3 Pointer - Base Set (Series 2) 15,000 LE

  2. Joel Embiid - Layup - Base Set (Series 1) 1,500 LE

  3. Pascal Siakam - Block - Base Set (Series 1) 3,999 LE

  4. Paul George - Jump Shot - Base Set (Series 1) 3,999 LE

  5. Vince Carter - 3 Pointer - Base Set (Series 1) 3,336 LE

LeBron James - 3 Pointer - Base Set (Series 2) 15,000 LE

Most probably agree that this is a unique LeBron moment and this is a popular one that gets floated around when asked what should you buy for long term value. You don’t see a player generally in a live game turn their back to a 3 point shot and drain it, let alone a mega superstar like LeBron. He also holds the highest value on Top Shot at the moment.

Buy Price Range: $700-$900 or below

This moment has fluctuated between $850-$1,400 the past few weeks and was just $950 as recently as yesterday. It since has spiked up to $1,200 today, but keep an eye on it and anytime you see a price dip below $1,000, I recommend picking one up.

Joel Embiid - Layup - Base Set (Series 1) 1,500 LE

I like this moment for a few reasons, the first one is the moment itself is cool. Nice move by Embiid and the facial expression afterwards..well done. Secondly, since his recent minor injury this moment has dropped considerable in price. This moment previously was trading in the $1,200 range. It now is in the $750-$850 range and we know Embiid will be back on the court in a matter of 1-2 weeks. My final reason for this moment is the fact that Embiid has a strong chance at winning MVP this season, if he is able to beat out LeBron for MVP this year and with this moment being a low 1,500 LE you can guarantee this moment will see a strong increase in price in the coming months.

Buy Price Range: $700-$950 or below

Pascal Siakam - Block - Base Set (Series 1) 3,999 LE

This is a very unique Top Shot moment as it is a Pascal Siakam block on LeBron. It is a good one too, you rarely see LeBron get blocked in an NBA game and this moment captures that, so while you are buying a Pascal Siakam moment you get a little LeBron with it. I believe this moment holds its value based on the uniqueness of it. This moment previously was priced in the $400-$500 range and has had spikes into the $1,000+ range and its a low serial Series 1.

Buy Price Range: $200-$270 or below

Paul George - Jump Shot - Base Set (Series 1) 3,999 LE

This is another moment that is very unique as its a shot in which Paul George is fouled and he puts up a circus shot and it falls in the net. I believe over time these unique moments will have staying power and consistently increase in value because they aren’t just a traditional dunk, layup, jump shot, or 3 pointer. This is another one that was previously selling in the $600-$900 for a couple weeks and has since fallen to the $300-$400 range in which I believe it is a good buy and could see $600-$900 in the future.

Buy Price Range: $300-$400 or below

Vince Carter - 3 Pointer - Base Set (Series 1) 3,336 LE

This one to me is a no brainer if you have the cash to spend on it. This is Vince Carters last moment in the NBA captured as an NBA Top Shot moment. So you have a few things going for you if you buy this moment. First, it’s a big name, well known NBA player. Secondly, it’s their final moment and final shot ever taken in the NBA. Lastly, more than likely aside from maybe some throwback moments, Vince Carter won’t have many NBA Top Shot moments which along with the fact its a Series 1 LE will increase the rare factor. This moment has come down quite a bit in price recently, as it was previously selling for $4,000-$5,000 and is now available for under $3,000.

Buy Price Range: $2,450 - $2,900 or below

Thanks for taking a listen to what moments I think will be valuable in the long term. For full disclosure I do personally own a few of the moments on this list and will be looking to add a few more in the near future. Comment down below and let me know your thoughts or what other moments you feel will increase in value in the future. Also, subscribe below to get emails about new posts and content we provide.