Welcome to Maxx Profits!

About Me

I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship, finance and money. I am consistently grinding and finding the best strategies to help me build wealth but also still balance my personal life and enjoy what the world has to offer. Throughout the past 10+ years I have created businesses, managed stock market portfolios including my own, invested in real estate, as well as found ways to flip whatever the hot item is in the world at the time for profit.

I wanted to create and build a community revolving around ways to make money. I have dabbled in so many different money making ventures/strategies, some more successful than others. I wanted to share my experiences and have a place for others to learn, ask questions, share their experiences and most of all, work together to make money and find different strategies to make a profit.

But thats enough about me, let’s jump into what Maxx Profits is all about and some of the main areas we will be discussing on a regular basis and how you can join the fun!

Stocks & Crypto

Stocks and Crypto is something I am very passionate about and have been doing for almost 10 years now. I primarily am invested in the stock side but am slowing learning more and understanding crypto better. I have traded stocks in several different capacities, from long term investing to day trading to swing trading, as well as options trading and planning and managing retirement accounts. I love sharing my knowledge around stocks and providing chart information as well sharing my opinion about individual stocks or the market as a whole.

NBA Top Shot

This is my newest passion/interest, this is part Crypto/Blockchain part virtual trading cards. Regardless, I see immense value in this venture and can see large and consistent profits being made. I am still learning the NBA Top Shot world as I have only been in it for a short time but I have invested many hours per day as well as much money into this venture and enjoy flipping cards regularly for profit via their marketplace. This is a new category in the profit making world called "NFTs" (Non Fungible Tokens) and this is something I think is here to stay and is going to grow in popularity in the coming months and years. This is one of my main profitable ventures I am focused on at the moment and will be sharing more here including offering some card giveaways to our subscribers!


This is probably the current venture I know the least about and this is tied to NBA Top Shot, there are many other types of NFTs outside of Top Shot, some are games, some are digital art and some are other forms of virtual trading cards. I believe this category will blow up in the future and be very popular, if you get in on the ground floor, you can set yourself up to make large profits when it becomes mainstream. I will try to share my knowledge in this category here as I learn and understand it further and look forward to learning from everyone in the community as well.

Amazon FBA

The last profitable venture I currently am in is Amazon FBA. For those that are unaware, you can create a FREE Amazon Seller account and sell products on Amazon and get paid for what you sell. This has been my most profitable business venture I have done to date, but also this has been the most work and time consuming. I have done:

  • Retail Arbitrage (Finding deals in retail stores and selling them on Amazon for more money)

  • Wholesale (Getting accounts with wholesale distributors or manufacturers to buy product at a discounted rate and sell direct to consumer through Amazon)

  • Private Label (Creating your own product or labeling a generic product with your own branding and selling on Amazon)

All of these have had their trials and tribulations but I have seen success with each and hope to share more here in the future.


I hope you read through the welcome guide and got a brief overview of what I am about and what I bring to the table. I hope to see everyone engaging in the community and subscribing to our newsletter and hope we can all learn from each other and make each other even more successful! If you have any questions feel free to like and comment down below and if you have any suggestions or things you would like to see please let me know!