Zed.Run: Digital Horse Racing


The first thing you may be asking yourself is what in the world is Zed.Run? Well let me break it down for you. The basis of it is Digital Horse Racing on the blockchain. Essentially you can purchase horses with Ethereum that are created on the blockchain. You then can race those horses in online events against other online competitors. You can race in free races or in paid races and both have a payout to the top 3 finishers in a race. Very similar to real world horse racing.

Why Should I Invest In ZED?

Great question! A few reasons I believe you should invest in ZED are first and foremost, they recently struck a partnership deal with ATARI. Atari will bring unique and rare retro-style Genesis racehorses. These will be limited in amount and more than likely highly sought after on the marketplace when they are released. ZED also has a partnership with Unikrn, those unfamiliar with Unikrn, it is a popular e-sports betting site and has Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher invested in it. I also believe as more people find out about ZED it will increase the demand for it and drive prices up. If you can get in early and pick up some horses you will probably see a good return on your investment in the future. Not to mention if you get a horse that finishes well in races it will increase the value of it.

Zed.Run: The Basics

Let’s breakdown some of the basics and understand how Zed.Run actually works. So to start with their are currently 10 different “Genesis” horses that you can buy from the marketplace during drops. The Genesis series of horses are the purest breed within ZED and will only have a limited supply of 38,000 horses released. There are four different Bloodlines within ZED

Nakamoto - The Nakamoto is the purest racehorse that exists within ZED and is the most rare

Szabo - The Szabo is considered the second best only to the Nakamoto in terms of rarity

Finney - The Finney is the third most rare breed, but are also consistent performers

Buterin - The Buterin is known to be the most common breed thoroughbred in the ZED ecosystem

The Genesis horses are ranked from Z1-Z10 and can be purchased in a first come first serve style via the Marketplace drops that are announced regularly. Here is how the horses are ranked:

Now you may be thinking why would I not just always buy a Z1 horse since it is the best one to buy and if I can’t afford it and buy a Z10 horse how am I going to win any races with that horse. Great question, I had the same one when I first started, with that being said lets breakdown Racing Classes and answer that question.

Racing Classes

After purchasing your first horse and running it in their first race(called the “Griffin” class) your horse will be assigned a class base rating based on its performance and what Genotype it is. The classes breakdown as follows:

Above are the different classes your horse could fall into, and your base rating is based off of your horses genotype so lets see where your base rating could fall based on the horse that you own.

You will be able to see your horses base rating in your stable once you buy your first horse and race it in its first Griffin race. After that you will be given a base rating and whatever your rating is you will fall into the designated class and race with horses that fall within that same base rating.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have a basic understanding of what it is lets dive into why I am talking about it. I think Zed.Run has the potential to be a real profitable endeavor for those interested in the very hot NFT space right now. One of the reasons I think this can be profitable is the fact that Zed.Run is still very new and still has a fairly small user base at the time being. But they have grown exponentially week over week for the last several months, this offers a unique opportunity to get in early before the continued hype and be able to pick up a few horses and start to race, collect, or race & collect them. Zed.Run has had three recent “drops” where they open the marketplace with horses to buy, during the last three drops the base price of each horse has risen and the marketplace has sold out quicker and quicker each time. Those of you that have recently gotten into NBA Top Shot and have seen the amount of money the people that were in it 3-6 months ago are making can recognize that something similar could happen here.

You can see based off the pricing chart below how much these horses have increased week over week for the month of March. Even since the drop on March 19th I have seen a lot of people flood into the ZED discord room and are looking for horses to race.

If you are looking to profit in the NFT space I think ZED.Run is a good place to do it. If you are wanting to do some fun digital horse racing and build out your stable and join a growing community, Zed.Run is also a good place to be.

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