ZED Mega Drop: What To Expect

Zed.Run: Digital Horse Racing

Zed.Run just announced their Mega Drop that will be releasing on April 2nd. Let’s get into some of the details of what the drop will look like, when it is happening and those that are new, what to expect during this drop.

When is the Drop?

Let’s check out what the drop will look like and then explain things a little bit further.

So this marketplace drop will be a little different than past drops. They will be releasing the horses available for purchase in 30 minute intervals based off the bloodline of the horses.

Here is a breakdown of how it will look for those in the United States:

Nakamoto Z1 and Z2

April 2nd - 5:00pm EST
April 2nd - 4:00pm CST
April 2nd - 3:00pm MST
April 2nd - 2:00pm PST

Szabo Z3 and Z4

April 2nd - 5:30pm EST
April 2nd - 4:30pm CST
April 2nd - 3:30pm MST
April 2nd - 2:30pm PST

Finney Z5, Z6 and Z7

April 2nd - 6:00pm EST
April 2nd - 5:00pm CST
April 2nd - 4:00pm MST
April 2nd - 3:00pm PST

Buterin Z8, Z9 and Z10

April 2nd - 6:30pm EST
April 2nd - 5:30pm CST
April 2nd - 4:30pm MST
April 2nd - 3:30pm PST

My recommendation is to plan ahead and identify which bloodline of horse you are interested in purchasing and plan to make yourself available during that time for the drop. Also based on the previous drop there is always a chance for technical issues that could extend the start/end time of each particular drop. So if you have your heart set on buying one or multiple horses make sure you clear out a chunk of your schedule to be available on and around the times of the drop.

What Will the Horses Cost?

This can be a little bit of a moving target as ZED has seen substantial growth since the last drop so we could see a larger price increase than maybe what we have in the past. We also have to realize that they don’t want to price themselves out of the market or alienate their current user base by making price unattainable or have an extreme price increase in comparison to the last drop. I created a pricing sheet that shows the last three drops and my guess on what prices will look like for the upcoming drop. I believe prices will increase between 15%-20% per Genesis horse and have priced them accordingly. Let’s take a look at what pricing may be:

As you can see from the chart above, to just get in and get the cheapest horse available you are more than likely looking at around $125 as your barrier to entry and then all the way about to $15,000+ for a Nakamoto Z1/Z2 horse. Again, these prices are estimates but you can get a general idea by looking at the actual pricing from March 4th, 11th and 19th drops.

How to Prepare for the Mega Drop

So there are a few things you need to do for this upcoming drop to make sure you are ready to purchase at the time of the drop. The first thing you need to own whatever amount of ETH you think you will need to pay for horses during the drop. ETH will be what is required to purchase any horses from the marketplace. You can purchase ETH from many different brokers including Coinbase, Binance, Wunderbit and more. You then will also need a MetaMask account setup which is your digital wallet, this connects with ZED to import your ETH balance and make it usable to purchase horses during the upcoming drop. Within ZED you will want to click on the waller icon in the top right to see your current balance, make sure there is enough funds in that wallet to purchase whatever price horse or horses you are looking to buy. It should look like this when you click on it:

What To Expect During the Mega Drop

Those of you that are new or this is your first ZED drop may be wondering what to expect. Well for starters, understand that ZED has experienced major growth since the last drop and there are a lot of new users chomping at the bit to get a horse and start racing and interacting with the community. Since this upcoming drop is going to be a phased approach I believe it will actually be even harder to get a horse as everyone can wait for their Bloodline of horses to drop and all come in at the same time to buy. Where as in previous drops all the horses dropped at once so while someone may have been buying a Z1 you could be scooping up a Z7. This time around everyone will be able to buy at the same time within a specific Bloodline.

One thing I can say for certain is the Z1, Z2 and Z8, Z9, and Z10 are going to go super fast so get ready to checkout ASAP! Z1 and Z2 will go super fast due to scarcity and the Z8, Z9, and Z10 are going to go super fast due to price. While I personally will be attempting to snag some Z8, Z9 and Z10s I also recommend taking a hard look at Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6 and Z7s because although these will still sell fast I believe they present the best opportunity to get a horse because less buyers will be in that range. So if you can afford it, thats where I would target to have the highest percentage chance of getting one during the drop.

As always, don’t get too discouraged if you aren’t able to get a horse during this upcoming drop. These are in high demand and a lot of people will be attempting to buy. There will still be many more Genesis horse drops in the future for you to attempt to buy. Also you can always check out the secondary market after the drop and find a horse to purchase and race.

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